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Home Alone Survival

Home Alone Survival

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Home Alone Survival


The parents are out of town! In Gumball: Home Alone Survival, Gumball and Darwin need your assistance to hold down the fort and live until Mom and Dad get home.

A humorous survival game with an emphasis on crafting and exploring is called Gumball: Home Alone Survival. The popular cartoon television show “The Amazing World of Gumball” served as the inspiration for the game. The parents in this game went shopping for food at the store. The plot of this game is about Gumball, Darwin, and Anais’s parents, who appear to have gone to live in the city for a while, and for them, it’s already the end of the world. The kids believed that their parents had abandoned them so that they might live better lives.

You must assist the protagonist, who only has rotting food in the fridge, as they search every room of the home for materials that they may use to create the tools and other necessities they’ll need to survive for another second, minute, hour, or day. To prevent becoming hungry, forage for food, but keep away from Darwin since he will attempt to take it from you.

How to play Home Alone Survival

Use the arrow keys to move Gumball about, and the Z key to shake objects like the rug, the totem, the plants, and anything else in the room to see what you may discover hiding within. Build a tent, a medical area, a video game, a fire, and other things you might need with the aforementioned materials! You’ll need to lead the kids and provide them with the best possible support so they can survive as long as possible because they don’t know when their parents will return home. This game is absolutely worthwhile to try if you enjoy playing survival-themed games.

To avoid losing all of your life or food rations, which would result in losing the game, make sure to take good care of both. Are you confident in your ability to endure? Let’s find out by having you begin the game straight now!

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