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Mao Mao Match Up – Flipping And Matching Cards

Mao Mao Match Up – Flipping And Matching Cards

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Mao Mao Match Up: Heroes of Pure Heart


Sheriff Mao Mao, the show’s main protagonist, is a courageous and adventurous cat who is always on the lookout for a new adventure. During one of his numerous journeys, he becomes trapped in the town of Pure Heart Valley, which is all about cuteness and is exceedingly cuddly, and which is frequently attacked by wicked powers seeking to ruin its purity. Fortunately for them, Mao Mao and Badgerclops, Mao Mao’s sidekick, are on hand to support them.

Mao Mao is a cat, and a courageous one at that, who thinks so highly of himself. He comes from a heroic family, however, he doesn’t like the way they treat him, so he wants to make up for that. In battle, he also go with a katana. Badgerclops, his trusty partner and sidekick, is a badger with a cyborg’s hand who travels on adventures primarily for food. He is powerful, yet he is not eager to battle; instead, he is constantly eager to prevent Mao from doing anything awful. Oh, and their old pal Adorabat is a really kind bat who is always there for his new buddies.

We’ve only recently begun bringing you the most incredible new Mao Mao Games for vtvgames. This is why, right now, we’re sharing with everyone this new card-based memory game, which is not only fun but also enhances your memory abilities significantly!

How to play Mao Mao Match up

If you’re unfamiliar with memory matching games, don’t worry; everything will be explained to you right now. There are three modes in which you must flip cards to locate matching pairs, which subsequently vanish. The most basic model is Free Play, in which you receive additional cards after completing each new level and must match them to earn points. Make a concerted effort to avoid making too many errors.

In the time attack mode, there is an additional feature: a timer, which means you must finish each level before the countdown hits zero. Expert is the last option, in which you lose a life for each wrong pair of cards you flip and lose the game if you make too many mistakes. All you have to do is to click on cards to flip them up.

Good luck to everyone, and as usual, have a fantastic time! Don’t stop here; we’re strongly believe that you’ll like all of our other terrific games of the day!

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