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Marcelines Ice Blast

Marcelines Ice Blast

by: Adventure Time

  • 2.8K
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Adventure Time: Marcelines Ice Blast


We’ve added Marceline Ice Blast, a brand-new 2D endless runner game, to the Adventure Time Games section. We are confident that you will like playing every game in this category since they all feature the adorable characters from the Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time.

Play the adrenaline-pumping Marceline’s Ice Blast game! Finn and Jake are in danger once more time, as is frequently the case in the world of Adventure Time. The innovative music Marceline plays annoys their enduring foe, the Ice King. He has thus started a frantic hunt through the frozen landscape. Can he capture the three wacky characters? It all depends on you!

Ever wished you could play as Marceline, the joyful 1000-year-old Vampire Queen? You now have the opportunity to make your dreams come true! Use her incredible guitar to create stirring music while defending Finn and Jake from the attacking penguins. The spells cast by the Ice King are invincible, so beware!

How to play Marcelines Ice Blast

A single continuous run across a frozen realm makes up the whole game. You just need to Click and Hold the left mouse button to let Marceline float and wave away the adorable but dangerous penguins with music. This will prevent the series’ primary characters, Adventure Time, from being attacked by the hostile birds. Quite cool!

When it comes to the magic of the Ice King, though, you must use extreme caution! Yellow exclamation points will display on the right side of the screen as a warning before his presence. Keep as far away from him as you can! His powerful spell will freeze Marceline if she happens to be in his line of sight. This will unfortunately terminate your current run. Yikes!

Do not lose heart! Every time Marceline freezes, you should start the game over and attempt again for a higher overall score. Be swift and gentle with the instrument of the Vampire Queen. You might be able to eliminate every penguin in this method while escaping the frightening curse of the Ice King. Even if you keep failing, you’ll still have fun listening to some hip music and hanging out with the oddball yet endearing Adventure Time characters. That seems like a fun activity, doesn’t it?

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