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Mojo Mayhem

Mojo Mayhem

by: The Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Mayhem


In the video game Mojo Mayhem, Mojo Jojo is causing havoc in Townsville once more. In this city, it appears like evil never ends, thus your assistance is required. The villain must be stopped right away by the Powerpuff Girls. Protect Townsville by stopping the monkey’s terrible scheme!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are the characters you play here; it is your mission to lead them to Mojo Jojo. You need to dodge the things and keep moving since the villain continues hurling garbage at them. Help the girls soar and destroy the wicked monkey by guiding them!

How to play Mojo Mayhem

You should strive to aim for the proper time even if the controls are straightforward. Simply click on the screen with your mouse to complete the task. The heroes will separate if you click in the middle and hold it, dodging the objects hurled at them. The Powerpuff Girls will travel to the top or bottom lane if you do the identical action on either the upper or lower portions of the screen.

Considering that you only have three lives, you must act swiftly and avoid the hazards. You should attempt to pay attention to the screen since everything you strike will take one heart away.

You may also on sometimes receive tidbits of encouragement. You’ll need to move quickly if you want to grab them, so be careful!

The objective in this situation is to avoid using up all three of your lives while remaining alive. To determine when you will encounter the bad guy, take a look at the Speed Meter. Mojo Jojo would reappear even after a single battle! Maintain your caution and strive for a good score!

For the sake of the city’s security, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup need to be there to give them a hand. Keep them secure and support by destroying the wicked monkey!

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