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Morning Mayhem – Lead The Girls To Their Ringing Alarms

Morning Mayhem – Lead The Girls To Their Ringing Alarms

by: The Powerpuff Girls

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Morning Mayhem


We have the pleasure of introducing you to Morning Mayhem, one of the most recent free games added to our fantastic The Powerpuff Girls Games category. Townsville was attacked in the middle of the night. This is why the Powerpuff Girls, your favorite cartoon characters, had such a bad night in the Morning Mayhem game. They didn’t get enough sleep since they had to keep the monster stay away from their city.
They will be still half asleep in this game, so you must lead Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup into their alarms by changing the tiles and get them out the door to meet their next foe!
When they pass over a box with an indication, the box closes. This will allow the Powerpuff Girl to travel over the box again without altering the direction. The goal of the game is to set the arrows in such a way that the girls may gather all of the clocks and turn off all of the alarms.
At the end of each stage, the girls will have to leave and begin their day. As a result, make certain that the boxes are placed in such a way that they can be taken outdoors once the clocks have been collected.
The difficulties will increase as you progress through the stages. You may have to direct two or three females at once. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t collide. If they do, they will not continue their course, and the level may have to be restarted. It’s like a puzzle, and we’re certain you’ll be able to solve it.
How are you going to do this? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything below.

How to play game Morning Mayhem

To support the girls to win this game, you will need to move several arrows in specified directions. The girls will move around the room in the direction indicated by the first arrows. When they come across a sign, they will alter course and head in the stated direction. Take note of that some of the arrows can’t be moved. This is why you will need to devise a smart plan and consider the ideal technique to design a path.

Play this game to have fun with the Powerpuff Girls right now!

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