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Movie Lot Mayhem

Movie Lot Mayhem

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Movie Lot Mayhem


If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the Teen Titans squad for a fun event, try the Movie Lot Mayhem game. Who would have imagined that a routine trip to the movie studios might develop into a difficult fight with flying waffles and hamburgers? The Teen Titans squad alone is capable of getting into such a predicament. They’re in a bind, but fortunately you can save them!

Are you a Cyborg fan? He is renowned for his formidable strength and impressive arsenal. You will now have the chance to encounter them firsthand! In addition, you may engage in combat with famous characters like Slade, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman in this game. That seems like fun, doesn’t it?

Making decisions regarding who to shoot is the most difficult aspect of this game. Why is that? You will run across your comrades in addition to all the other superheroes in the fray. Be careful not to strike them! Every time you blast Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, or Raven, you will lose 500 points. What a shame, right?

Are you aiming for the leaderboard’s top spot? Take aim at the timers to get valuable extra seconds. The game finishes when the timer expires, so keep that in mind! You might also experiment with making combinations. As many consecutive successful shots as you can will help you do it.

How to play Movie Lot Mayhem

In the game, players engage in a shootout in a rather unique setting: a movie set. The Teen Titans squad must defeat the opposition if they want to appear in their own movie. The other superheroes can you shoot?

Who would have believed it would be that simple to operate Cyborg’s robotic gun? Clicking on each enemy you can see is all that is required. To make it to the leader board and receive a high score, you must be extremely quick and nimble. Even if your first attempt doesn’t provide a spectacular result, you will undoubtedly have a blast!

The ammunition in this game is among its funniest elements. There are meatballs and waffles for you to choose from. You may have noticed that your decision has a small impact on the game. If you wish to alter your mind, be aware of the advertisement panel in the background of the image and shoot it!

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