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Nuclear Rescue

Nuclear Rescue

by: Justice League Action

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Justice League Action: Nuclear Rescue


Nuclear Rescue is a game where you may support the Justice League in saving the city before it’s too late. Brainiac has a new strategy, and evil is awake at all hours. Stopping the impending explosion will require cooperation from Batman and the other heroes. Are you prepared to join them?

Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and others will be available for you to play. Help them as they rush the nuclear complex and attempt to turn off the reactors. Consider how you can best utilize the skills of each hero. You can only thwart the terrible scheme in this manner!

How to play Nuclear Rescue

Using the arrow keys   on your keyboard, you may navigate and maneuver your selected hero. You may activate your character’s ability by pressing and holding the . Don’t worry if you find yourself in a scenario where a different person is required! Pressing and holding the will allow you to change to a different superhero.

There are a total of four places, and each one has a unique set of three characters. Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash are the available characters during the first and third phases. You can make use of Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Batman on the other levels.

Each hero has a unique skill that is essential! Using buttons, Superman and Batman can unlock doors. Green Lantern can build stepping stones when necessary, while Flash can run across lengths that the others can’t. By utilizing her shield, Wonder Woman can let you jump higher, while Cyborg can move large things. You should have them all nearby and switch between them as necessary.

While traveling to the reactor, be careful to gather every badge. They also contribute to reaching the end of the level!

Your help is needed by the Justice League! To stop Brainiac’s scheme, do the four challenges!

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