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One on One

One on One

by: Teen Titans Go

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Teen Titans Go: One on One


The Teen Titans One on One Game presents the Teen Titans with another challenge. Every antagonist the Teen Titans have ever fought has planned some terrible ideas. Each of them must be blocked from achieving the objectives they have in mind. Do you believe you can succeed?

To ensure they capture every baddie, the five Titans must each beat one of them independently. The Mad Mod will face up against Beast Boy. Mumbo must be overpowered by Starfire. Red X will be opposed by Robin. Overload must be defeated by Raven. Finally, Cyborg will have to deal with Atlas’s fury. Each of the bad guys has a different strategy in mind.

How to play One on One

Before it’s too late, you’ll need to provide a hand in getting the Titans to the bad people. You will have to use your mouse to control the character you choose at the beginning to do this. Each one has a unique backstory and a unique course of action.

Some priceless gems have been taken by the malicious Mumbo, who is a true wizard and thief. Now, lend a hand to Starfire as she vanquishes him. The bad guy will have thrown a lot of things your way to stop Starfire from getting there, so be prepared to come across them. By using the left mouse button, you may support the chosen character in avoiding threats. You will score more points for the more barriers you remove.

The goal of Mad Mod’s scheme is to transform the entire city into a distorted version of Jolly Ol’ England. Beats Boy needs your support to go through furious Mod’s layer and save the city from being destroyed. Jump or move from the left to the right by using the arrow keys . To change into a human shape, use the “1️⃣” button. To become a cheetah and leap over taller foes, use the “2️⃣” button. To change into a hawk that can fly away from danger and climb tall structures, use the “3️⃣” button.

Red X is seeking additional Xenothium to steal. By overcoming a horde of swift foes, Robin must prevent him from doing it. With the mouse, direct him. Use the mouse’s left button to launch attacks on the foes. The heat meter on Robin’s weapon should be regarded with caution, though. It will need to cool down before you can use it again if it overheats.

With the help of his Sonic Cannon, Cyborg must defeat Atlas’ challenge. Beware of any technological abominations that could endanger Cyborg’s life. Cyborg can be moved away from the items with the mouse, and he can shoot at them by clicking.

Overwhelm is merely daydreaming about ruin. A city tower that he intends to demolish. He can only be stopped by Raven. Use your telekinetic abilities to redirect the falling rocks so they don’t strike the helpless bystanders. To eliminate any potential threats, have them collide with one another.

Come and defend the city from the wicked villains that have bad plans in mind. The only one who can be there and support these incredible heroes is you.

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