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One Sweet Roll

One Sweet Roll

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: One Sweet Roll


In the game One Sweet Roll, Finn and Jake become frozen and are now trapped inside an ice cube. Cinnamon Bun is the only one who can support the two pals, who need it! He requires further help, though, as he is quite confused.

You must support the charming guy in rescuing his companions! Various challenges are waiting to harm Cinnamon Bun in the very chilly Ice Kingdom. It is your responsibility to lead him to the bright Orb so that he can reach his pals more quickly! Help him avoid the ice cubes while ensuring that your pals are safe at all times!

How to play One Sweet Roll

You must click to remove blocks at precisely the proper time to avoid obstacles to advance Cinnamon Bun to the following level of the game. Cinnamon Bun won’t stop until he hits a block, otherwise. You must click on each ice crystal to make your friend’s route clear to do it. Along with using teleporters to go to different parts of the screen, he can leap to get there as well. Cinnamon Bun will jump when you click on the image of a higher platform to make him go there! You advance to the following level of the game when he touches the orb.

The first few chapters will be simple, but they will grow harder as you finish more of them. The ice cubes won’t break if they are excessively cold in some cases. You must locate an alternative exit in this situation! Additionally, some have developed spikes that will harm Cinnamon Bun! At all costs, you must keep away from those!

The Ice King and wicked penguins must be defeated once you’ve solved three ice riddles. Cinnamon Bun faces death as the penguins attack him with ice axes. The game will end if he is hurt. Thus, you must eliminate his adversaries before they can reach him. The penguins will collapse if you click on each one to accomplish this. For the Ice King, the same holds! They’ll always attempt to injure your pal, so you need to act quickly!

To vanquish the Ice King and his henchmen, help Cinnamon Bun solve the riddles. You need to support him and complete each assignment since Finn and Jake are depending on him!

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