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Orbital Chase

Orbital Chase

by: Justice League Action

  • 2.8K
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Justice League Action: Orbital Chase


In the video game Orbital Chase, the Justice League is engaged in combat to protect the planet! It appears that an unknown item entered orbit. The superheroes must venture into space to battle evil because the bad guys are at it once more! Try your best to thwart the aliens and preserve the planet!

Three or more images of a character’s face must be linked together to make him fight! With each strike, that hero will assault the adversary, weakening him. Time is running out, so you must move quickly!

How to play Orbital Chase

To match as many lines as you can, you have 90 seconds. Once you have at least three characters connected, click and hold on to a character’s face before releasing. A stronger and more effective assault will result from a longer chain!

The faces of Firestorm, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Superman are jumbled together in the picture. However, without mucking up the pieces, you can only select one hero at a time. Be fast and aim for the ideal combination!

To quickly kill the aliens, you need to aim to make your chain as long as you can! You may use your imagination because it can have any shape as long as the components are connected.

Do your best to avoid wasting time and search for places where several characters are grouped! You should pay attention there since you have a greater probability of starting a chain.

Why do you still wait? Start the challenge and prevail in the battle because the superheroes need your support to beat the baddies!

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