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Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Out Of The Box


If you enjoy games with a sense of difficulty, We Bare Bears: Out of the Box is the game for you. This one is all about fleeing an environment filled with traps and riddles. You must solve them in order to find your way out. Because you have to consider before doing anything, getting to the exit door is even more satisfying.

If you enjoy games that include a challenge, We Bare Bears: Out of the Box is the game for you. This one is all about escaping from an area filled with traps and riddles. You must solve them in order to find the way out. Because you have to consider before you act, the thrill of making it to the escape door is much greater.

You’ll eventually locate the other two bears if you keep playing. Once found, they will stick with you to the end, just like friends always do. Unfortunately, you cannot control both of them at the same time, so you must alternate between them, which will take some time. To choose them, press the number in their bubbles at the top of the screen.

Because there are two of them, you might need to perform some teamwork at this stage. You will be able to hop on each other’s backs and go to locations that a bear alone would not be able to. Jump on springs from a higher vantage point to launch the other to that pole you thought was inaccessible. There are so many options, and there is never just one way to do something.

When things become too difficult, don’t give up. Wait until you’ve rescued the third bear, and the trio will be unstoppable. Continue until you reach the last level, which will prove to be a genuine challenge. Show off your score to your friends and see who can be the greatest at escaping!

How to play Out of the Box

You will begin by solely using Grizz. He is the only one of the three that is constantly hungry, thus he will be the one to gather the floating burritos. To complete the level, you must gather as many as possible whenever you see them.

The most crucial element, though, is figuring out how to get away. Each exit is disguised in some way, and they may only be opened if certain circumstances are met. To unlock the door, for example, you must first discover the scales dispersed around the area. Then you must assign a weight to each of them. When they each have something, the gate will automatically open.

Using the Left and Right arrow keys, move the bear around each area to examine it. Press the C key whenever you want to jump someplace. When you wish to employ a bear’s special ability, use the X key.

Each bear may accomplish something unique:

– Grizz is capable of climbing.

Panda may configure any panel to control the moving platforms.

– Ice Bear has the ability to lift boxes.

Take full advantageĀ of their talents to get out of tough situations that require a little additional brainpower to handle.

Have fun!

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