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Perfect Mowin

Perfect Mowin

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Regular Show: Perfect Mowin


Rigby and Mordecai are the best fun-lovers ever, without a doubt. Today, while they trimmed the grass, they began to enjoy themselves. Play the Perfect Mowin game and don’t miss a single moment of the excitement if you want to take part in their incredible adventures and have fun with your favorite A Regular Show characters.

To draw the provided pattern correctly, you will only have one chance; if you fail, the game is over and you must retry the level. In order to finish a stage and advance to the next one, you must achieve a minimum accuracy percentage in that stage. The game will stop if you do not meet the requirement.

How to play the game Perfect Mowin

Mordecai will hold up a sign to indicate how much longer you have till you have spent it all. Rigby will run the lawnmower and stop when the pattern is all completed. Prior to the patterns ending, make sure you reach the required minimum %.

There is a model for each motif. You must respect the example and cut the grass in accordance with it. To mow, click and hold the mouse button. When you let go of the mouse, Rigby will stop cutting the grass, but the mower will continue to run.

Your score is shown on the top side of your screen. You will gain some points for mowing the grass correctly, but you will also lose points for mowing the grass incorrectly. Always pay attention to accuracy to ensure that you pass the levels.

You only get one chance to play each round of this game by following the prescribed sequence. If you lose, the game is finished and you have to start over.

Good luck and have fun! We hope you would enjoy your good time on!

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