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Pesky Posters

Pesky Posters

by: Lamput

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Lamput: Pesky Posters


Lamput Games is the second brand-new category of Cartoon Network games that we’ve added to our website for you today. You may view this collection of Indian-produced animated shorts on both the official YouTube accounts for Cartoon Network and the network itself.

Come join us in a world of pleasure. Lamput is a good guy with the ability to assume the shape of any item, which frequently saves his life. Recently, posters featuring the picture of an orange hero have been put all over the city. The hero is continually attempting to capture him. For a short while, assist Lamput in causing a disruption using the posters. The pursuer and his flashlight need to be feared since they will try to catch the fugitive with their beam of light. Becoming various items and living things will help you avoid being pursued. You’ll find shapes where you can reincarnate; utilize all of your options to avoid being discovered, but keep the posters in mind.

How to play Pesky Posters

Before the night is out, you must get rid of every last one of them. You lose the game if you don’t accomplish your objective before the evening is out. Move with the left and right arrow keys , and pull down posters with the down arrow key . Avoid Doctor Specs’ line of sight because once he spots you, the game is over. We hope you all have a fantastic time and luck!

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