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Pirate Klondike – Arrange Cards On The Tableau

Pirate Klondike – Arrange Cards On The Tableau

by: Neon Games

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Neon Games: Private Klondike


Welcome to Private Klondike, a three-level solitaire game. There will be a single deck of cards which is used to deal 28 cards across 7 columns to the tableau, with 24 cards in the backup. Build the four suited foundations in ascending sequence, starting with the Aces and concluding with the Kings, on the tableau in decreasing order while rotating suit colors.

It’s important to note that only Kings or descending lines of cards starting with a King can be transferred to empty tableau columns. You cannot return a card to the tableau once it has been placed to a foundation.

Every card you place on a foundation earns you 50 points. When all of the cards on the table have been turned face up and the reserves have been depleted, the computer will automatically shift your cards to the foundations.

There will not be any point or you when the computer transfers cards to the foundation automatically, therefore if you are rapid at moving cards to the foundation, you might want to left one reserve card face down while sliding the rest of the cards over.

Whenever you finish a level, each second you have left is worth 5 points. Aside than that, scores are averaged across tiers. If you press the game over button after losing a level, the Private Klondike will end up. You can also restart on the current level by refreshing your web browser.

How to play Private Klondike

All you have to do is just to left click to chose a card, the hold and drag to wherever you want to place the pickep up one.

You can cycle through the back ups as many times as you like.

Because reserves are turned one, it’s usually better to play cards from the tableau  than the backups. If you’re deciding between the two, it’s also typically better to take cards from tableau columns with more face down cards under them than from shorter columns, however you may occasionally draw from the shorter stack and use the move undo button if the card underneath it isn’t good.

The turn count on the reserve rises as you progress through the stages. The reserves are in turn 2 on level 2 and turn 3 on level 3. Remembering where crucial cards (like Aces and Kings) in the reserves are essential for determining when to lay or lay off in particular scenarios once the game has progressed past turn one.

This Private Klondike game features three timed levels, the first of which has a 6 minute time restriction, the second of which has a 5 minute time limit, and the third of which has a 4 minute time limit.

Across all levels, this game employs draw one on the reserves.

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