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Polar Force

Polar Force

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Polar Force


Game We Bare Bears: Polar Force is a great way to practice your combat techniques. Combat, particularly the martial arts variety, calls for exceptional talents. As none them, from restraint and patience to strength and discipline, can be learned overnight. They all require patience and persistence. The only way to develop into a powerful warrior capable of taking on dark forces is by this strategy.

The adage “great power comes with great responsibility” is true if you decide to go down this road. Ice Bear has in-depth knowledge of this. He has made preparations in order to exact revenge on the malicious robots that injured him in the past.

Come on over to play some games and smack some robot heads to see if you’re up for the task. Get through every level and get rid of all the evil and cruel machines from the streets!

There will occasionally be a machine that resembles a dog chasing you in search of mischief. This robot is more difficult to defeat than any other robot in popular culture, however it is still feasible. Simply utilize the direction indicated by the arrow indicators that are located above you to defeat that object.

Ice Bear needs to utilize his unique warrior skills to anticipate where to attack next because it moves so quickly from one location to the next. Make excellent use of such abilities to ensure that you destroy any creature comprised of metal and evil circuitry.

You could locate certain weapons that the opponents discarded throughout the battles after being knocked unconscious. Grab them quickly and use them against anybody you choose for a tiny edge.

Until you discover the last boss, who will undoubtedly provide a completely different challenge, fight with great caution to protect your life.

Wishing you luck and protection from the God of Martial Arts!

How to play Polar Force

Press the play button after selecting the level. There really is no time to spend once the game has started; notice any impending threats and get ready to attack. Watch your opponents as they approach you closer and closer to start. The adversary should then be near enough to be hit when the line becomes blue. The keys that point in the direction indicated by which side becomes blue should be pressed.

The Polar Bear will then launch an attack utilizing his well-known martial arts techniques when you do that. The opponent will be forced to return to his mechanical mother and sob on her circuits as a result, which will be his only alternative.

You will initially encounter quick-to-knock robots. Now is the time to perfect your moves because they won’t follow you after them with such speed. Each robot has a little screen with a number printed on it that is located underneath it. How many strikes must be delivered for it to be permanently eliminated is indicated by that number.

Some robots may easily pass out with just one kung fu arm or leg, while others need two or even more. So, if you try to combat all of those afterward, you could start to perspire a little.

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