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Power Surge

Power Surge

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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We are releasing a brand-new Ben 10 category game that is based on the show’s relaunch series.

Play the Power Surge game to feel the exhilarating atmosphere of taking out the evil guys! The incredible aliens of Ben Tennyson are once more ready for a fresh adventure. In retaliation, Billy Billions took his uncle’s RV, but if we know anything about our hero, it’s that he never lets things stand alone. Naturally, we shall pursue the bad guy thanks to the Omnitrix’s capabilities!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to pursue a horrible guy? You have the opportunity to accomplish that right now! It’s time for some fun with the Omnitrix, so get ready your aliens and take off!

As soon as you notice an Omnitrix token dropping, grab it right away. The more the bar at the top of the screen will fill up, the more you are able to obtain.

Your projectiles will adjust in accordance, growing stronger and having a wider range. On the other side, you will also get additional life points for each token you collect. There are five in all, so be quick because many opponents are coming your way!

Two of Ben’s fantastic aliens are included in the game. Your body will be on fire and you’ll be able to shoot flame balls continuously while in the first one, Heatblast! Is there a more orderly approach to combat evil than to run through the streets? Stinkfly is the next entry. Despite appearing feeble, he is actually incredibly quick and will enable you to attack your adversaries with lethal green ooze.

Try to beat Billie at all cost!

The fact that you have to engage in big boss fights at the conclusion of each level is probably its best feature. Billy will make every effort to stop you while armed with three lethal weapons! Try your hardest to defeat him to avoid restarting the game for one more time!

The range of aircraft that is heading in your direction is another essential consideration. Some of them are on the ground, while others are flying around in the air, and some of them can even fire back at you. Try to avoid them and their missiles at all times while remaining focused. By doing this, you may be confident that you will finally destroy them. Since each drone is worth a specific number of points, the more drones you fire, the higher your score will be.

Are you willing to confront the villain while pursuing the greatest score? So come along and go on another exhilarating trip with Ben Ten. Do you feel prepared for the challenge?

How to play the game Power Surge

The game is quite simple to understand and play. Shoot the Billies drones while being careful to gather every Omnitrix and unique token they drop. To achieve this, use those keys to move around the screen while keeping a watchful lookout for approaching drones. Both the drone you are riding and, subsequently, the alien you change into, will continue to fire at will.

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