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Prime Empire

Prime Empire

by: Ninjago!

  • 2.8K
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Ninjago: Prime Empire


Playing the game Prime Empire will take you on a wonderful adventure! You will get the ability to investigate an enigmatic realm that was influenced by Asian culture. This experience will be unforgettable because of the stunning graphics and captivating soundtrack!

Has becoming a ninja ever been your dream? Take on the role of Jay, one of the world’s most skilled warriors in Ninjago! He will have to make his way across a beautiful but perilous landscape to figure out where he is and return home. Additionally, his teammates are equally disoriented in this odd world. Many people you encounter along the route will be helpful to you, including Cole and Master Okino. Give Jay a helping hand and deliver him safely home!

Are you prepared to battle? When playing a ninja game, you may anticipate some challenging foes. Do you need to contend with several foes at once the majority of the time? Some of them may even shoot at you from the skies while flying on jetpacks. Draw your double katanas by pressing the left mouse button; then, click one more to begin combat!

The top-right corner of the screen has an icon, have you noticed it? As many strikes as you can land will fill the tornado bar. The tornado icon may be clicked to launch an extraordinarily potent assault after all four bars have become white. Quite cool!

How to play Prime Empire

Three entertaining levels make up the game. Are you prepared to investigate a spooky forest, ice peaks, and other perilous backdrops? As a lost ninja in a strange land, that’s where you’ll start. Learn how to use the controls, then go exploring!

Jay may be moved by using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Simply pressing the Up Arrow will allow you to leap up onto things. There are no double leaps in this game, so be careful! As a result, in order to accomplish your goal, you must utilize every piece of scenery. If you want to climb high locations, for instance, you need search for boulders and figure out how to move them.

Watch out! There are traps all around. Even seemingly secure bridges might suddenly collapse, and moving stones can injure you at any time. Can you stay healthy till you get to the next checkpoint? To reach the blue arcade icon before your four health points are used up, be cautious of obstacles and make every effort to get there!

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