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Remote Fu – Chasing For Your Remote

Remote Fu – Chasing For Your Remote

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World Of Gumball: Remote FU


Imagine you are going to take a seat on Gumball’s plush couch and join him in watching television. Oh oh, the remote control appears to be broken. In the Remote Fu game, only you can help Gumball reclaim his remote control and unwind in front of the TV. Accept the challenge and join us on our adventure.

Gumball’s remote control stopped working, so his family went to repair it. However, when they promised to return it, Gumball discovered that it had been stolen. Why? Who doesn’t want to be in charge of what they watch on television, right? Every member of the family, just like any other family, wants to watch a separate television network. As a result, the members of Gumball’s family must battle over who gets to use the remote control. This isn’t your average family, though, since they battle over the remote control with incredible Kung Fu abilities.

At first, you can only play with Gumball, but as you progress, new characters become accessible. Jump towards the remote control once you’ve vanquished the first three opponents who are running beside you. You’ll have to go up against the final member of the family who hasn’t been hurt. You must battle the other three with your character in order to continue running and reach the last boss, from whom you must steal the remote. The one who grabs the remote control first gets to keep it.

If you capture the remote control, Gumball will finally be free to watch his favorite TV show the way he wants, but if another family member catches it, you will have to start over. But be focused and motivated, because we’re confident you’ll be able to do it sooner this time.

How to play the game Remote Fu

So, what’s the best way to beat them all? Well, it’s simple; basically use the arrows to move Gumball and  the “c” and “x” button to attack your opponents and to reclaim the remote control. The “c” key is for ordinary kicks, but the “x” key is for a powerful assault that you can only unleash if you’ve built up enough strength.

Following the directions and pressing the precise buttons indicated at the bottom of the game, complete the game. Then, as quickly as you can, hit the direct arrows as well as the buttons at the same time to make Gumball take a hop higher and higher.

Show off your greatest movements and kicks to the rest of the world. Gumball kicks, jumps, runs, and hits every single person who gets in the line of him chasing his favorite TV show. Let’s work together to save the remote control whatever it takes!

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