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Riders Block

Riders Block

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: Riders Block


The wicked Slade and the Balloon Man obstruct the Titans’ path to the huge screens in the Rider’s Block game. The two villains were not pleased to learn that the teenage heroes were ready to debut the decade’s most anticipated movie. The Titans are now rushing to spread the word about their film while avoiding the obstacles that their opponents have placed in their path. Can you lend a helping hand to them?

Helping each Titan distribute the scripts to residents of the town is all that is required. In order to become a famous person, you will also have to face certain challenges, so keep an eye out. Are you ready? Let’s go!

To begin with, you must decide which Titan you will play with. It might be Raven, Starfire, Beast, Boy, Cyborg, or Robin. Who or what is it? The race may begin after you have finished doing that.

Did you get a boss’s notice? Before you can carry on with the delivery, you must now defeat him. When you toss a script his way, he loses a life. A new part of the town becomes accessible if you take out the bad man!

In addition to hazards, the route also conceals several unique abilities. For instance, the chocolate energy bar provides you with a shield that will shield you for a short period of time. Not bad, am I right?

The magical popcorn also makes it easier for you to hit the citizens more accurately, which is really helpful with all of these dangers to be aware of!

How to play Riders Block

Use the and arrow keys to alter the side of the road your Titan is traveling on while riding a motorcycle. When obstacles like banana peels and sharp milestones block your path, this movement is particularly helpful. Your Titan will be secure if you can just get to the opposite side of a barrier to avoid it. Additionally, the Titan only has a maximum of three lives every game, so pay attention!

You should start the delivery as soon as you understand how to defend yourself. The residents who are waiting outside their homes are excited to hear about the movie. Delivering scripts to the populace should be made easier with the .

The second thing you should be aware of is that you have to share several script rolls. You can see how many scripts you still have left by looking at the upper right corner of the screen.

With their movie, The Teen Titans will soon set some records. Do you feel the fame? Deliver until there is a queue out the door at the theater for the entire town!

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