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by: Regular Show

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Regular Show: Rigbmx


Are you up for playing some more entertaining games today? We have a brand-new, gorgeous online game for you to play with Rigby from the Regular Show series, and it’s sure to be a lot of fun. This brand-new game, in which you’re asked to support Rigby, is quite lovely. Do you wish to lend a hand to Rigby?

The RigBMX game is something you should try if you’ve ever desired to ride your own sports bike. Rigby sought out a voodoo master because he wanted to take part in a bmx race, but the voodoo master was unable to accomplish his desire exactly as he had intended. Now that he has transformed Rigby into a bmx bike, he needs your assistance. In this game, you are the only one who can assist him; the only way to become him again is to triumph in every race. Start this enjoyable off-road journey with him and your other Regular Show pals, such as Death, Muscle Man, or Pops!

You must assist Rigby, who is now riding a BMX bike, in this entertaining adventure game as he attempts to escape danger. You need to take charge and avoid any pitfalls in order to finish your task! Perform a few wheelies, triumph in the races, and get freedom! Are you willing to go on an outrageous adventure with your friend?

You have twelve levels to complete throughout the game. They will get harder and more challenging as you go along. The game will automatically reset the current stage if you become stuck, so take note and try to avoid doing any failures!

Remember that you don’t always have a clear path to escape! To discover whether there are any further regions you haven’t investigated, you should occasionally attempt going back. Every level features a total of 3 hidden things that are just waiting for you, so be sure to explore the entire map! Find the loot, make your way up the hills, and arrive at the destination!

Are you prepared to assist Rigby in winning the race? Let’s go!

How to play Rigbmx

You must be familiar with the controls before starting your task. The only controls you need to travel ahead or backward are the Left and Right arrow buttons on your computer. The Space key will allow you to swirl  Rig’s tail and take advantage of the wind if you need a little additional speed. It sounds simple, right?

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