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Robin Vs See More

Robin Vs See More

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: Robin Vs See More


Today, you lads will get the chance to compete against See-More, a member of the Teen Titans category’s bad crew, and you will be assisting team captain Robin in overcoming his formidable foe. Are you all prepared for the Teen Titans squad leader, Robin, to lead you on a truly enjoyable adventure? Great!

Teen Titan Robin has a lot going on. In order to save the people he cares about, he must battle some of the city’s toughest criminals. He and See More are engaged in combat right now. Play the Robin Vs See More game, and support Robin in defeating him.

How to play Robin Vs See More

Robin is operating his automobile while the conflict takes happening in a busy town. He must cease engaging in reckless behavior in the street. If you pull your vehicle anyplace on the left side of the road, you can assist Robin in controlling his vehicle. You must shoot See More’s automobile every time you see it. You must click on the right side of the road to complete this task.

Turrets and rockets can be fired from See More’s automobile, thus you should always avoid it. Be cautious of the individuals you encounter on the road as well as the other cars. In order to preserve your life, you shouldn’t strike them.

Smart and possessing aerial vehicles, See More is a good guy. You may blast those by using the ramps on the automobiles. Shooting See More’s automobiles will increase your score. Your life span shortens when you are struck by other cars or a rocket.

The See More meter is located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. It indicates your distance from See More. Keep an eye on the difficulties in your path, and ensure that you get at the destination with a healthy amount of life so that you may prevail. We’re wishing you luck!

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