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Rumble In The Nightosphere

Rumble In The Nightosphere

by: Adventure Time

  • 2.8K
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Adventure Time: Rumble In The Nightosphere


In the game Rumble in the Nightosphere, Peppermint Butler and Starchy are ready to fend off skeletons! In order to save Cinnamon Bun, they set off on an adventure in the wicked Nightoshepere! However, things spiraled out of hand, and now they must deal with vicious foes!

Your Adventure Time companions need you to have their backs to keep the evil minions away from them. As Peppermint Butler, you have the option of playing alone or with Starchy. Get rid of as many adversaries as you can because skeletons are creeping everywhere! Put forth your best effort to rescue Cinnamon Bun and return them to the Candy Kingdom!

You must land on skeletons’ skulls to destroy them! Utilize the controls to soar over them and strike them hard! To protect themselves, they do, however, occasionally wear helmets. In this situation, you must strike them twice—once to remove their defenses and again to finish them off! Aim precisely and attack while they’re not looking!

They will try anything to harm your characters, so you must be careful! Your pals will lose the balloons that hold them in the air if you let the bad minions touch them. They lose a life when they fall with a plump into the water! Since each character only has three lives, try to keep them flying!

Peppermint Butler and Starchy are making every effort to preserve Cinnamon Bun, a buddy. Join them to finally vanquish all the wicked skeletons!

How to play Rumble In The Nightosphere

Peppermint is waiting for your instructions while drifting about the Nightosphere in the single-player mode. To move him in the direction you choose, press the arrows! Hit the   to keep him floating in the air! Starchy will be standing by your side in the double-player mode! Use the 🇦 and 🇩 to steer him in any direction! Additionally, hold down the  🇼 button to keep him afloat!

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