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Save The Kingdom – Looking For Missing Citizens

Save The Kingdom – Looking For Missing Citizens

by: Unikitty!

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Unikitty: Save The Kingdom


We are overjoyed that we now have the opportunity to give you all a game like Unikitty Save the Kingdom on our website, which is the newest game in the Unikitty Games category. This is undeniable and no surprise at all, given that the show has just recently begun showing, implying that it is extremely popular and appealing to all youngsters who watch it. Unikitty: Save the Kingdom is a platforming side-scrolling action game based on the Unikitty Cartoon Network series.

In the Save the Kingdom game, the Unikitty characters are on a mission to expel the Doom Lords! The Unikingdom is normally a pleasant and colorful place, but Frowntown inhabitants are attempting to seize control. Your companions will need your help to battle the baddies and restore peace to the area!

Join Unikitty, Hawkodile, Puppycorn and Dr. Fox in their battle against the Doom Lords! To achieve your aim, search the entire kingdom for any missing citizens and gather Sparkle Matter. Many adversaries will try to stop you, but don’t give up hope and keep going! Do you have what it takes to put the criminals out of business?

How to play the game Save the Kingdom

Use the ⬅️ ➡️⬆️ ⬇  on your keyboard to navigate your friends across the map and lead them in their travels. You may go in either direction by using the arrows, while jumping by hitting the key. If you’re close to an attacker or need to break through an obstruction, hit the Spacebar to strike.

There are a total of 20 levels in the game, which are spread out among seven zones of the Unikingdom. There are many missions in each level, allowing you to play as all four characters, one by one!

Each character in Unikingdom has their own unique skills! Unikitty’s double-jump helps her to reach higher, whilst Puppycorn’s sprinting technique allows him to run quickly and jump far. Dr. Fox can toss his lab bottles at the enemy, while Hawkodile has a powerful punch that will smash everything that stands in his way.

What more should you know?

Collect as much Sparkle Matter as many as possible while traveling. For a perfect score, you must collect a specified number at each step. Keep in mind that gathering as much Matter as possible will allow you to unlock an additional grasping ability!

There will always be directional arrows in the right direction to the finish of each stage. You need also look into other places in order to locate the Unikingdom’s lost citizens! They’ll sometimes hide in unusual areas, including as underground.

Before you can check them off your list, some of the characters will have you play mini-games. These games include completing a stage in 30 seconds, finding a citizen, and collecting Sparkle Matter while avoiding attackers.

So, what do you think? Will you assist your friends in bringing happiness back to their kingdom?

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