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Scared Silly

Scared Silly

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Clarence: Scared Silly


It should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of games with a Halloween theme now that Halloween is so close. The Scared Silly game is one you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy puzzles and adventures. Imagine yourself in a haunted house filled with monsters and frightful creatures that wish to frighten you to death. A nightmare like this is undoubtedly one that everyone would wish to avoid. Poor Jeff didn’t have many choices, though, this time.

While Jeff is a guest at Clarence House on Halloween, he is left alone and treated like a sacred figure by all the decorations. Jeff is the target of Clarence’s prank. When Jeff heard a disturbance, he realized that something had taken a beloved action figure. Help Jeff uncover the missing pieces of the maps by exploring secret passageways and taking on silly ghosts. During that stormy, dark night, somebody took one of Jeff’s power figures.

He managed to get himself locked inside of Clarence’s eerie home and is currently unable to escape, despite his best efforts. He will undoubtedly require assistance; if not, he risks becoming trapped there for an extended period of time. Are you able to assist him in finding the exit as quickly as possible?

How to play Scared Silly

The on your keyboard can be used to direct Jeff’s actions. Together, explore the secret passageways. When you encounter a ghost or monster, use the sword to fight him off.

There will be red Xs all around it when a ghost is around. You should not tread on that tile since the ghost will capture you, according to the X. To open up hidden passageways, you’ll need to hop on certain other tiles. When you locate a piece of the map that allows you to escape, the round is over.

Being caught will force you to restart the level from the beginning, therefore avoiding being captured is crucial. Be on the lookout for anything paranormal, like moving hands, moving pumpkins, and other occurrences.

Being courageous enough to confront the creatures that wish to frighten you is the most crucial factor. Everything will be simpler once you’ve passed through them. You will locate the escape, and Jeff will be secure, whenever you are able to locate every piece of the lost map.

Never lose sight of your goals, no matter what occurs. All the best!

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