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Scout Defence – Defend The Brook

Scout Defence – Defend The Brook

by: Craig of the Creek

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Craig Of The Creek: Scout Defence


Scout Defence is a strategic tower defense animated game based on Craig Of The Creek, a Cartoon Network series. Support Craig in defending the stream. The scouts are assaulting the creek that the kids have worked so hard to maintain, and you’ll make sure they protect their area! Defend the brook and ward off the scouts! In Craig Of The Creek: Scout Defence Game, you will have to construct defensive towers along the routes, and when scouts walk on them, they will be automatically killed.

Let’s aid Craig in his defense against the scouts by upgrading the defensive towers.

By beating them, you win money. However, do not allow any of them to cross through, since this would result in the level being lost. Instead, if you destroy the entire wave, you win the level as well, but you should be aware that the following wave is more powerful. In Craig Of The Creek: Scout Defence, you may buy and improve towers with the money you earn from fighting waves. As the enemy gets more powerful, you must improve your defenses. Scout Defense is a game that may be played on any device. So relax and enjoy yourself.

How to play the game Scout Defence

To play the game in each stage, you tap on the srceen or use the mouse to place defensive towers, supplies, and weapons that will automatically shoot at the waves of scouts as they reach near the stream. Once you defeat the waves, the levels are finished, and the more stars you obtain, from one to three, the better you did.

As you experience the stages, you’ll need to improve your defensive methods as the waves of attackers get more tough to deal with. More stronger weapons, of course, come at a higher cost. We wish you all the best and invite you to hang around for more of our daily news content; you will not be disappointed with anything you see here, guaranteed!

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