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Shifting Temple – Rolling In Bubble For Gems

Shifting Temple – Rolling In Bubble For Gems

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Shifting Temple


Welcome to Stephen’s fantastic world. This young man spent a simple life, unaware that he was half of a gemstone. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, the warriors, informed him about it. Steven’s mother is a treasure, whereas his father is a commoner. The youngster possesses a remarkable power that allows Stephen to move between realms. Stephen landed in the realm of jewels one day and discovered himself in a fascinating place. Moving Temple: Shifting Temple turned revealed to be the location. It is said that whoever can unlock the mystery of this old temple will be able to realize a long-held ambition. Stephen, who is brave and enthusiastic, has never sidestepped any challenge. This time was no different at all.

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Crystal Gems world, play the Shifting Temple game! Can you provide a hand to Steven Universe on his first mission? He’s not a particularly seasoned member of the Crystal Gems, as you may have seen. As a result, Steven must perform brilliantly in order to gain the respect of Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst!

You’ll find yourself in a frightening and enigmatic temple. It is, of course, full with scary opponents and traps. There are, nevertheless, several gems to be discovered. Are you ready to assist Steven in his quest for Crystal Gems?

How to play Shifting Temple

There are 30 chambers to explore in this old and fascinating location. Naturally, each new one will provide you with new obstacles. Are you able to fulfill them all? Continue to practice until you’ve mastered every level!

Even though the game’s premise is unusual, the controls are straightforward. Can you believe that the only thing you need to move is the room itself, rather than Steven? Tilt the surroundings with the keys, then watch Steven roll about in his bubble. Isn’t it fantastic?

Are you able to navigate all of the platforms? Throughout your adventure, you will come across a variety of unique difficulties. If you come across a breakable wall, for example, make sure you utilize it wisely. There are also closed gates, vanishing platforms, and sliding spikes to contend with. You’ll get stuck if you make one wrong step, and you’ll have to retry the level for one more time!

What else you should know

Gather as many gems as possible! If you collect all of them, you’ll receive a golden star at the ending of the level. Make sure you don’t lose too much time, though! If you complete the course before the stopwatch rings, you will receive a golden star. How quick can you go?

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? You need to brush up on your knowledge of power-ups! The magnet will assist you in attacking gems from afar, making your work a lot simpler. You should also pay attention to the hints as soon as they appear. They’ll teach you how to get to the level’s finish as quickly as possible. Isn’t it cool?

Please do whatever you can to assist Steven Universe in getting out of this bind! You’ll have a great time exploring the depths of an old Crystal Gem temple with this odd hero at your side. Furthermore, you may make him even more eccentric by shopping for interesting costumes in the wardrobe part of the menu. Stop second-guessing yourself and begin downhill sliding the bubble!

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