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Star Striker

Star Striker

by: Boomerang

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Boomerang: Star Striker


The Star Striker game is only getting started when it comes to the football craze. Everyone is aware that in football, goal scorers are frequently the center of attention. They are the ones that enjoy the most of the fame, but in order to get there, they practice really hard.

You are quite fortunate if you too wish to sample that. Your favorite animated characters are here to support you in receiving the necessary instructions. As many goals as your legs will allow you to score while playing this game! Although it is not simple, you will manage everything.

How to play Star Striker

You won’t require any unique abilities for this game. Perhaps all you need is your beloved mouse and a good eye for aim. However, wait till you’ve decided on your squad before becoming overly impatient to begin! There are several characters who are quite eager to be chosen, such Shaggy and Scooby or Tom and Jerry.

You can start learning how to shoot the ball whenever you’re ready. Simply click on the ball in front of you and drag it in the direction of the target to complete the task. If you aim correctly, the ball will land directly on it when you release the mouse. Hopefully, it will succeed on its first attempt to hit the target.

The difficulty of the requirement will increase as your training intensity increases. The target will eventually start moving about the area after it initially remained still for the first few rounds. The excitement truly starts at that point. Additionally, a fake goalkeeper will emerge to stop your ball in order to keep things interesting. Then, kick once you’ve waited for the right time.

You’ll definitely feel inspired to pursue your dream of playing professional football after playing this game! It seems nearly impossible to resist given how much fun you will have playing!

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