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Stinkfly Showdown

Stinkfly Showdown

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Stinkfly Showdown


Do you want to see more Ben 10 adventures? Do you wish to participate in some fantastic activities because you love the rush they give you? Come play Stinkfly’s Showtime to fulfill your immediate desire for excitement.

One of the strange aliens in Ben 10 wants to be the new cannonball, and its name is Stinkfly. He feels the urge to fly to demonstrate to us how wealthy he can become thanks to his talents. With the most potent cannon, launch him as high as you can, allowing him to rake in as much cash as he pleases.

Twenty increasingly challenging stages make up the game. You will need to acquire more money as you advance to higher levels. As your adventure progresses, it will also get more difficult to capture the tanks of money.

Additionally, as you go through the stages, more obstacles will be there, making it more difficult for you to fire your bullets. Under whatever cirsumstatuion, if you can adjust, you will receive exactly what you are due.

Never stop attempting to enrich the cunning little Stinkfly. We’re certain you can succeed.

Are you excited to be taking part in this adventure? So why are you still holding out?

How to play Stinkfly Showdown

The number of throws left will be disclosed to you at the beginning of each level. If you use more strikes than you have, the round will have to be restarted. Accessing the controls is the next step.

Left-click the cannon to move it, aim, and position it in the path you want Stinkfly to take. By sliding the gun further to the left, Stinkfly’s speed may be enhanced. However, you must take care to avoid missing any of the money tanks you need to capture by flying too swiftly.

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