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Stretched Chase – Overcoming Obstacles with Victor and Valentino

Stretched Chase – Overcoming Obstacles with Victor and Valentino

by: Victor and Valentino

  • 2.8K
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Victor and Valentino: Stretched Chase


Victor and Valentino Games is a Cartoon Network Games category that is continually updated with some of the greatest new games on the internet based on their program. Our team is really excited to offer with you an outstanding and enjoyable game called Stretched Chase right now.

The game is another strange adventure for the two cousins, who are now dealing with a wicked puppet master who has transformed them into puppets connected by a thread. You must use the mouse to move the first cause ahead, then release the mouse to have the string pull the second one as well.
This is how you should go on the tracks in order to avoid holes, evil puppets, fire, and any other objects and traps that are placed in front of you with the aim of interrupting you. Don’t let them succeed! You will receive one to three stars according on how quickly you pass the stages, so always aim for the best, for three of them!

We hope you well in your next supernatural adventure with Victor and Valentino, and please stay tuned for all the other exciting new games that our team has in store for you!
You will receive one to three stars at the finish of each level depending on how quickly you complete it and how well you perform. Good luck, and when you’re done, don’t be afraid to tell your friends to give this game a try and see how much fun they have with it!

How to play game Stretched Chase

You click and move the mouse along the route to lead the first kid, releasing when you want him to stop, at which point the other boy is brought towards him by the rope. Do this to help the two lads in patting all of the robots in their way, which will be moving left and right and make you lose the game if you touch them.

Of course, these aren’t the only dangers you face; you also have to avoid holes in the ground and a slew of other traps and obstacles.

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