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Style Maker

Style Maker

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Apple and Onion: Style Maker


Returning with another another enjoyable game is Apple & Onion. With this one, you may make a brand-new character that is unlike any other. Making friends with those two will make him appear cool. Choose your body’s color and shape first, and then add everything else to finish all of the features.

How to play Style Maker

You may use the mouse to select the body of your character, which can take the form of many different items, like pizza, soda cans, burgers, fruits, and vegetables, among others. You can also alter your character’s attributes, such as the way their faces appear, how they stand and posture, and many other things.

You may alter the food character’s physical attributes as well as its attire. Browse through the many clothing options to give your new creation an impressive costume that will impress. Enjoy!

Good luck, enjoy yourself as only this site can be enjoyed, and stay around to see what more fantastic games we have provided you with so far using Apple and Onion will let the pleasure to continue!

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