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Suburban Karate Master

Suburban Karate Master

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Suburban Karate Master


The most recent addition to the Gumball Games section of our website is Suburban Karate Master. The area is where Gumball is honing his karate techniques in the movie The Suburban Karate Master. The athletic cat is moving along the sidewalk while attempting to overcome the barriers and adversaries that stand in his path. Participate in the game for a thrilling karate experience!

The player assumes the position of Gumball in this game, who must navigate a sidewalk lined with numerous “obstacles” in order to go forward. The idea of the game is to survive as long as possible by dodging fireballs, using martial arts techniques like karate chops and other strikes to knock obstacles out of the way, and jumping over ground obstacles like fire hydrants.

With one of the Wattersons, practice coordination and game management in this karate experience! Are you ready? To ensure that playing the game won’t be challenging, we will now continue to explain what you must accomplish!

The experience also includes some indulgence in addition to hazardous things and irate adversaries. Gather the green cans filled to the brim with energy drinks to replenish your superpower bar. Darwin immediately joins in and offers Gumball a boost as soon as it is fully replenished. Faster and impervious to all threats, the feline will soon develop! Amazing, huh?

How to play Suburban Karate Master

There are several ways that the challenges might appear. Attempts to set fire to your clothing, for instance, may come from flying fireballs. Holding down the 🇸 key will allow you to slide beneath them until you are completely past the peril.

Next, keep an eye out for ground obstacles like water hydrants and hop over them by hitting the 🇼 key. You must then kick the martial artists who are running toward you in addition to avoiding obstacles. To achieve this, use the 🇩 button on your keyboard to vanquish your adversaries.

The most important factor is to finish the race as long as you can. Keep in mind that you only have three lives to use against the fighters and obstacles. To survive them all, you’d best employ your karate abilities!

Have you mastered this adventure? Play as much as you’d want to get furry Gumball to outrageous scores!

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