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Super Goalie

Super Goalie

by: Bomerang

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Bomerang: Super Goalie


In the Super Goalie game, you may develop into the center of any football squad. The goalie in football is the one who has the other players’ backs. Without a goalkeeper with the skills to save goals from being scored, a team cannot succeed. Even the most successful goal achiever occasionally fails.

The fact that your favorite TV actors are now also attending training sessions makes the situation much more fascinating. Only a handful of them are waiting for you to join: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and Tom and Jerry! Catch as many balls as you can; that’s all that’s required!

You must choose sides for the task first and foremost. When you have picked the character(s) you like the best, click on them to start the story!

How to play Super Goalie

You will see three distinct guns in front of you. In an effort to score goals, they will all throw balls your way. Be ready because there will be missiles coming from all directions. We should now go to work.

Only your mouse is required to play this game. When anything is thrown by the cannon, keep an eye on it and quickly click on it. That will be necessary to put a stop to it. That seems very simple, right?

As a result of the fact that all three of them will be at work, things will start to become more problematic. In certain cases, they could even all start firing simultaneously. It won’t be feasible to collect them all at some time, so don’t be concerned. You simply need to save as many as you can because this isn’t an actual football game!

Enjoy yourself to the fullest while practicing your goalkeeping skills with your cartoon friends!

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