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Surfs Up – Go Surfing On Monster Beach Games

Surfs Up – Go Surfing On Monster Beach Games

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Surfs Up


Monster Beach Games is finally here, which we are sure you have been waiting for for quite some time, since this is one of the newest episodes to run on Cartoon Network, with a pair of siblings who are surfers and spend the entire summer on the waves of an island populated by monsters.

Begin surfing with your favorite monsters now!! As you continue surfing forward, give it your all to obtain a huge score, which you accomplish by collecting the Tiki sculptures along the way, some of which you just surf into and some of which you must leap to reach. The controls are straightforward, and all you have to do is leap to get tokens or avoid wave borders. Collect them and then slide down for a token increase. Be cautious, you don’t want to fall into the pits or waterfalls, as striking the rocks at their bottom means losing the game. Let’s see how many bonuses you can get without failure.

Now that you’ve seen how simple and enjoyable surfing is at Monster Beach. You may surf with those monsters if you play Surf’s Up, the category’s first game, which we will teach you how to do right now!

How to play game Surfs Up

It’s not difficult at all, since you simply need to use the mouse, tapping on the screen to create leaps with your surfers, allowing you to cycle between low and high waves without stopping or crashing.

Also, don’t fall into the pits and strike the rocks at the bottom, or you’ll lose. Not only should you surf a long distance, but you should also try to boost your score by collecting as many Tiki figurines as possible along the route.

These are the easy rules of the game. So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is Use the mouse to play or Tap the screen with your finger to jump. Start surfing with the monsters right now, and discover for yourself why this is a must-play game of the day!

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