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Taco Terror – Fight The Zombies And Save The Tacos

Taco Terror – Fight The Zombies And Save The Tacos

by: Victor and Valentino

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Victor and Valentino: Taco Terror


The Victor and Valentino program has only recently published on the air, and whenever there is a new show, there is usually a lot of buzz surrounding it, with youngsters eager to play games with the characters. Victor and Valentino: Taco Terror is a turn-based aiming game based on the animated TV series Victor and Valentino.

Victor and Valentino need you support them to  fight the zombies in the Taco Terror game. It appears that the monsters never stop causing problems for the guys! Do you have what it takes to destroy them all?

We’ll now explain how this one works so you can assist Victor and Valentino save their tacos. Do you know who would be your competitors   ? Evil skeletons from the underworld are coming to grasp the tacos, and you must prevent those mummies from reaching the stand. To do so, aim and shoot the balls at them, hitting them the needed amount of times to remove them and get points. If you hit a ball, you receive extra, which means that for each hit on a skeleton, you lose more of their points, which means they are removed faster. Good luck with everything, and don’t stop here since there’s lots more amazing information on the way for you right now!

How to play game Taco Terror

We’ll have to look at each mummy’s number since it will indicate the amount of strokes required to get rid of it. Toss the balls and make them bounce in order to eliminate as many opponents as possible. You will also discover assistance such as additional balls, fireballs, and slime balls, among other things.

To aim and fire the mummies, use your mouse’s left click button. Tap the screen to use your finger as a mouse if you’re playing on a mobile phone or tablet.

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