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Tag Team Titan

Tag Team Titan

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: Tag Team Titan


In the video game Tag-Team Titans, a malicious swarm of bees assaulted the Titan Tower. Brother Blood doesn’t appear to get much sleep! The titans are his final barrier between him and world conquest. Now that they are being besieged, the young heroes must battle these frightening, pointed monsters to reach their actual source. Help them accomplish their goal and recapture the Titans tower!

Your mission is to engage the hive army and finally eliminate Brother Blood! Defeat the legions of bad guys by using the titans’ superpowers, then join your forces with them to win the ultimate battle! Are you prepared to lead the powerful titans in a brand-new battle for justice? Let’s bring the city back to order!

How to play Tag Team Titan

Once you’ve made it onto the battlefield, maneuver your character using the arrow keys . Be prepared to meet one at any time because your opponents are dispersed throughout the building.   To strike the bad monster down, you must be near to it when you attack by pressing the Spacebar .

Other titans could behave differently in certain circumstances, with some doing better than others. Anytime you wish, you may change between Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy by tapping one of the number keys from one to five. Tap on the key to discover their superpowers. They can be more readily defeated since their special attacks are significantly more potent than their standard kicks.

Were you stung by a bee? You may check your health and energy levels in the top left corner of the screen. It’s possible that you caused them to decrease when you were hurt. So remember to keep track of your three lives and take new ones when you come across them. Restarting the level is necessary if you run out of lives. Additionally, be sure to grab any pizzas you encounter along the route since they refuel your strength!

Defeating the creatures advances you to entirely new level! Moreover, to use the T-sub that is waiting for you if you overcome your adversary to journey to a new site. Remind yourself of your goal: to defeat the frightening Brother Blood and his terrible plot!

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