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The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple And Onion: The Floor Is Lava


At the video game Apple & Onion: The Floor is Lava, spending the entire day in a park may be both a blessing and a curse. Something almost always goes wrong just when you thought the day went well and you had a lot of fun. Today, Apple and Onion learned that something really unexpected had occurred. The entire earth is now a lava-like heated mass!

They are currently without any other option than to climb the top of the bars like little monkeys. The only route out of the danger, it would appear, is via this. They have to work together since they don’t want to melt, which is the problem. They are extremely fortunate that you are here to lend a helping hand!

Different physical abilities are needed in certain situations. You might have to leap to a higher point or use force to move objects. As a result, depending on the circumstance, Apple and Onion decided to mix things around.

Despite being little, Apple has the strength to move large boxes. He has the intelligence to toss them into the lava and then use them as little islands to jump from. He can’t jump very high, but at least he makes use of its height to his advantage!

In contrast, onion is quite tall and has climbing ability. He has the ability to leap exceedingly high and pick up anything that looks impossible to reach. He is also too small to push boxes like Apple, but he makes up for that in other ways.

In conclusion, playing this game is a blast. You’ll notice that it occasionally resembles a mental puzzle! You will have to deal with certain circumstances that are quite difficult to escape.

How to play The Floor Is Lava

Around several monkey bars and tall buildings, these men are being tapped. They stand the best chance of escaping unscathed if they use their strength and coordination. By leading them out of harm’s way, you may help. Use your keyboard’s keys to do it!

In contrast to the Up and Down arrows, which are used to ascend, the Left and Right arrows will move them forward or backward. There are occasions when you may even have to jump across the lava flow directly beneath your feet. Just hit the Space Bar and cross your fingers for success for that objective.

You need keep a few things in mind in order to receive the highest possible score for the position. Dollar bills may be seen bouncing about in each level. Usually, they are located in locations that are exceedingly challenging to access. You might see them as a form of compensation for your bravery. Whatever the case, it would be fantastic if you could gather them all.

You should also do your hardest to complete the task as soon as you can if you want that outstanding score. There is a specific amount of time allotted for you to complete each level. In the event that you go over it, you will just lose a few points rather than the game.

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