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The Night Begins To Shine – Ride Motorcycle With Power Of Music

The Night Begins To Shine – Ride Motorcycle With Power Of Music

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins To Shine


The Night Begins to Shine is a fresh take on Robot Unicorn Attack that stars Cyborg from Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans have been kidnapped in The Night Begins to Shine game, and Cyborg must utilize the power of music to free them! The Titans are currently imprisoned in a villain’s lair, but Cyborg is still free! On his way to his comrades, he chose to ride his motorcycle and listen to the finest album ever! He still has to work on his driving abilities and keep an eye out for road hazards! Could you lend him a hand?

Play as Cyborg, who uses the power of music to save the Teen Titans! Riding your motorbike, utilize your finest jumps and double jumps to land safely on the ground and powerful dashes to bash your adversaries. Also, the record tapes are very crucial to gather since they keep the flow of the ride going, so keep those in mind as well! You only have three attempts, so don’t crash.

Inspired by the popular flash game Robot Unicorn Attack, you’ll have chance to transform your racing bike into a chopper and then into a winged horse.

We wish you all the best of success and hope that you will begin playing right away!

How to play game The Night Begins To Shine

The trip can begin once Cyborg plays the song and puts on his bad guy persona! You should keep two essential controls in mind. The first is the Up arrow key, which assists Cyborg in jumping and avoiding falling into the pits. You may also use the leap to gather record cassettes. When you collect a certain amount of these, the vehicle transforms into a Robot Unicorn! Isn’t that crazy?

Second, the Right arrow key is utilized to accelerate for a brief period of time. You may even utilize this type of boost to defeat the monster that despises music! It is critical to prevent it so that the car does not split up. If that happens, you will have to play a new game from the beginning.

Are you up for the challenge of leading Cyborg to the Titans?

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