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The Ultimate NinjagoTrivia Quiz

The Ultimate NinjagoTrivia Quiz

by: Ninjago!

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Ninjago: The Ultimate Lego Ninjago Trivia Quiz


All of the characters are widely known to Lego Ninja fans. They have no qualms taking any tests or quizzes on Ninjago’s past.

The Ultimate Lego Ninjago Trivia Quiz is an online quiz game that we are thrilled to be sharing with everyone here today. If you believe you know all there is to know about Lego Ninjago and the incredible universe that this Lego and Cartoon Network program has built, we encourage you to test out that belief right away.

There are a total of fifteen questions, and when you’ve answered them all, you’ll learn how well you performed and how well you actually know Lego Ninjago. Given that you are a fan of these characters, don’t you think you will choose one of the four possible solutions, and we have no doubts at all that you will do admirably. That’s all there is to it, so get your fun started right now and keep playing because there are many more fantastic games in this category for you to play, and we would love for you to do so!

Good luck, and don’t stop here because we are confident you will enjoy the other new games we have introduced today for you. When you’re done playing this one, we welcome you to check out the others.

How to play The Ultimate NinjagoTrivia Quiz

  • Desktop

To pick a base, use the left-click button on your mouse.

  • Devices with touch screens

If you’re playing on a mobile phone or tablet, tap the screen with your finger to use your finger as a mouse.

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