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Tidy Up

Tidy Up

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Tidy Up


Welcome to the beautiful world of Gumball. There is a  12 year old blue kitty named Gumball. He constantly thinks about pranks and other mischief because he is a spooky optimist and a prankster. The fact that he is a member of the Waterson family speaks for itself. The Waterson family consists of fishy Darwin, mommy Nicole, little sister Anais, and dad Richard. Richard, a gargantuan pink rabbit that despises labor, is lazy. The family is led by Nicole. She adores her kids and would sacrifice anything for them. Darwin the fish, a gudgeon with human legs who has mastered synchronized swimming, is Gumball’s best friend. Prior to the development of legs, he was only the Watersons’ pet. A ray of intelligence and rationality in the household is Anais, a four-year-old baby. She is attractive, but she also has a harsh tongue.

We’re excited to share the Tidy Up game with you today! In the Tidy Up game, the entire house is a disaster! In the course of their play, Gumball and his pals managed to completely damage the house! Darwin resolved to tidy up before their parents got home since he couldn’t take it any longer. The world is turned on its head, and nothing is simple.

Help Darwin complete the task swiftly is your responsibility! Your help is absolutely necessary because he has a lot of work to complete! Start cleaning up after arming yourself with some cleaners.

How to play the game

With the front porch included, there are a total of five spaces that require attention. To restore the furnishings to their original state, simply click on them! It’s important to keep in mind that some of the products are in awful shape. In order for them to finish cleaning up, you might need to click on them more than once.

Additionally, as soon as it’s time to go on to the next chamber, Gumball will start peeping around the corner of the wall! Click on the on-screen yellow arrows to move to a different spot! Additionally, if you are disoriented, glance at the icon in the left corner. It aids in determining your location within the house and your next course of action.

The catch is that there is one, too! Before time runs out, Darwin needs to tidy up every room. Therefore, you must act swiftly and support him in finishing in under thirty seconds! As soon as the red clock shows on the screen, pay close attention if you need additional time. Darwin gains more seconds that aid in finishing the task by clicking on it!

If Darwin wants to finish the cleaning before the deadline, he must put everyone to work. You need to step up once more and support a friend who is in need! Therefore, put on your work boots and organize!

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