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Trash n dash

Trash n dash

by: Regular Show

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Regular Show: Trash n dash


In Central Park, the two friends Mordecai and Rigby provide a vital function. Because everyone leaves their rubbish on the ground, the area has to be cleaned up. They value nature, therefore they try to maintain it as pristine as they can. In the game Garbage N’ Dash, your goal is to assist Mordecai and Rigby in collecting all the trash without being caught or colliding with a barrier.

Be cautious to stay away from all the obstacles and adversaries. Simply select the area where you wish to reappear if it runs into an obstruction, then go on collecting rubbish. To dump a stink bomb on the ground, tap the bomb at the bottom of your screen.

A power-up will be granted to you if you gather five pieces of rubbish in a row. If you need support, Skips is available by your side to do so. Simply call him to startle everyone else and clear your path. Grab the marble as soon as you notice it since doing so will increase your score. You should use caution since the stone will roll continuously and will be challenging to capture.

How to play Trash n dash

The character you chose, such as Rigby or Mordecai, will simply run in the same way as you move your mouse from one side of the screen to the other. The rubbish will show up on several park sides. To pick up the trash and fill your trash meter, simply walk over it. Whenever the garbage meter bar is filled-up, the round is over and you lose the game.

Maintain the park’s cleanliness no matter what occurs and don’t give up on your work. We wish you luck and hope you to have a good time on with us.

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