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Travel Troubles

Travel Troubles

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Travel Troubles


It appears that our beloved little hero is stranded in a strange, foreign location in the video game Steven Universe: Travel Troubles. He somehow transported himself here via a shattered diamond. If he is not extremely attentive, this error might cost him dearly. There are several undiscovered traps around this brand-new area.

Even worse, all of his backpack’s items have broken and are scattered all across the islands. Making sure Steven gathers all of his belongings is what you need to accomplish. This refers to his doughnuts and the priceless stones most importantly. Without a doubt, he cannot abandon the sweets. It will be your responsibility to watch out for him. You must simultaneously act as the brains and figure out a way to escape dangers.

How to play Travel Troubles

You’ll need to utilize your keyboard to look at Steven’s location in an attempt to discover the missing items. You may navigate using these arrow keys in any direction. But you should be aware that you can advance one step at a time. There is no need to rush, so go slowly throughout the process.

You need to be extremely cautious to avoid falling off the edges while you investigate. There is an expansive ocean below you. Also, after you fall, it is impossible to climb back up the coast due to its extreme steepness. The level will have to be restarted from the beginning if that occurs, though. So be careful to focus closely.

There appear to be many of traps on these little islands. Things like razor-sharp daggers that continually go up and down might be lying on the ground. These are in no way beneficial for Steven, as you have undoubtedly realized, so try your best to stay away from them.

Furthermore, there’s a potential you’ll run up on a few odd earthly squares. It is dangerous to walk on these damaged sections. They will crumble as soon as you lift your foot, exposing the scorching hot lava below.

The strangeness doesn’t end here, though! There are a few crystal circles scattered here and there that you may take to teleport. You’ll see that there are instances when there aren’t other means to go to other islands. On the other hand, if you have a choice, you could find a moving plate of some sort that will quickly convey you to the opposite side.

Once you’ve located the donuts, you can proceed to the following teleporting crystal to advance to the following level. Finally, a large monster must be deceived into falling into a trap for you to defeat it. You can win only if it happens!

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