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Uncle Grandpa Vs Aunt Grandma

Uncle Grandpa Vs Aunt Grandma

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Uncle Grandpa vs Aunt Grandma


The game “Uncle Grandpa vs. Aunt Grandma” invites you to take part in a spirited match between the two! Uncle Grandpa is a very competitive guy, however it might not initially seem that way. He likes to think of himself as the finest person to ever provide a hand to anyone, but now he has a rival. In order to demonstrate her superiority to him in all areas, Aunt Grandma is here.

The goal is to complete as many laps as you can while driving the RV quicker than Aunt Grandma to show that you are not joking. To make the automobile change lanes, use your mouse to make swift swiping motions on the screen. Although it could be challenging at first, it is easy once you understand it.

How to play Uncle Grandpa Vs Aunt Grandma

Driving is simple, but there are some unpleasant things as well. As an illustration, consider all the trash that has been dumped on the road. Any barrier that you run against will cause you to temporarily slow down. In order to prevent Aunt Grandma from benefiting, try to avoid the trash as much as you can.

Oh, and don’t forget that you should watch out for people crossing the street! In addition to the fact that they will presumably suffer rather severe injuries, they will also slow you down.

To give our RV a nutritious boost while traveling, gather the peanut butter jars. Use your jars wisely—you can carry up to three of them at once. Try to capture another one once you’ve used the first one.

Time to get going now!

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