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Undertown Runner

Undertown Runner

by: Ben 10 Omniverse

  • 2.8K
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Ben 10 Omniverse: Undertown Runner


In the video game Undertown Runner, Ben 10 tries to rescue the day. He is the only one who can save the city from being overrun by the wicked aliens, who have once more entered. You may accompany him on his next journey and kick some alien arses.

To travel as far as you can, you must run quickly while dodging obstacles. You’d best be prepared to deal with the worst since this run will be risky. Show everyone that you are a superhero just as good as Ben and that you can go over all the challenges in your path.

The object of the game is to sprint without colliding with any aliens or obstacles. All around the running area, such things will be placed, so you’ll need to react swiftly to avoid them. You may lose the game with only one bad move, so play it safe!

How to play Undertown Runner

You must either leap over or slip beneath the barriers to go over them. Depending on which way you want to move, you will need to utilize either the arrows to do that. Watch your time! Before reaching the barrier, take your time pressing the key. If not, you can be certain that you will strike something.

Make careful to gather the floating green orbs on your road to triumph. Your score will increase somewhat as a result. Tokens with an Omnitrix printed on them are also present. To change into Ben’s aliens, be sure to gather them.

You will move more quickly the further you continue to run in the race. Therefore, if you are unable to make much progress the first few times, try not to get discouraged. With his bravery and strength, Ben 10 will speed through levels. As you continue to play, you will eventually become acclimated to the speed and advance further. This game is undoubtedly designed for folks who enjoy exploring new places.

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