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Unordinary Week – Protect Townsville

Unordinary Week – Protect Townsville

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The Powerpuff Girls: Unordinary Week


The teenage superheroes are up to the town once more! The Superkids are about to go on a new incredible mission. Their mission will take more than a few hours; it will take a whole day, if not longer. Those babes will have to work for seven days in total. The Powerpuff sisters want to start their week off right in the Unordinary Week game. However, something isn’t right in Townsville. Many of evil robots, ranging in size from little to enormous robots, will be following them everywhere they go.

Unless the Heroines have to fight their various nemeses, the whole army of evils will take over the city and mess it up. The three extraordinary girls must battle them all and restore the peace as soon as possible! Do you believe you could assist them in achieving this goal?

You must select one of the amazing girls before entering the battleground: charming and romantic Bubbles, clever and rational Blossom, or belligerent and nasty Buttercup. Each one offers unrivaled strength. Even the most powerful robot may be knocked out by their blow.

Become the week’s hero. Save Townsville from the terrible forces attempting to take it over. The Powerpuff Girls are powerful, but they urgently need you lend them a hand. Demonstrate your ability to them so that they can rely on you by defeating all of the robots attacking their city.

How to play the game Unordinary Week

There are seven days in a week, and the week begins on Monday. To begin, choose the Powerpuff girl who will assist you in getting through the day safely. Then begin your battle against the robots lurking around every corner, which you may meet throughout the day. It’s simple to utilize the orders that will help you beat all of the robots. To activate the shield and defend yourself, click the Left mouse button. The Right button is used to attack.

Pay attention and figure out which one is suitable  for this position in the battle. The squares at the bottom of the screen will draw your attention, so be aware of them and remember to check them from time to time.

The Heroine’s strength will improve for each robot you strike successfully. The strength bar at the top of the screen reflects this. Simultaneously, you must safeguard yourself and exercise caution. Do not allow a robot attack your Powerpuff girl. Her life will weaken, and you may have to restart the day if she dies completely.

As the next day begins, you are given the opportunity to replace the girl tasked with defending the city. So give your first a break and switch them around so you can defend the town from the wicked robots all week.

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