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Veggie Village Quest – Looking For The Legendary Sword

Veggie Village Quest – Looking For The Legendary Sword

by: We Bare Bears

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Veggie Village Quest


We Baby Bears: Veggie Village Quest is a platform adventure game featured on the series We Baby Bears. Follow Baby Grizz, Baby Panda, and Baby Ice Bear on their adventure through the medieval kingdom of Veggie Village in search of the famous sword that has been buried deeply in someplace  in the mountains.
This story is based on King Arthur’s myth, which promises that whoever can pull the blade from the rock will be destined to rule. Each Baby bear has a unique set of abilities. One of the goals is to gather all of the bears around the Throne chair. The ice bear is strong enough to lift big items. The brown bear has the ability to take up both the sword and the stone. The panda bear has the ability to travel through the wall. If you wish to become the one true monarch, you must complete several platform-adventure stages in achieving the sword in the stone and pull it out. Picking carrots from the ground will score you extra points. Wells can be used as teleportation machines to fast travel from one location to another, so that you’re allowed to continue your trip. Ladders can also ascend and drop and move from one level to another. To put it simply, the game is simple. Begin your adventure right now, just here, and don’t be scared to bring your friends with you. They will not be bored, so enjoy playing We Baby Bears: Veggie Village Quest on!

How to play game Veggie Village Quest

Attempt to find the weapon hiding within the stone during your trip. If you win, you will be crowned the village’s ruler. This is accomplished by a level progression in a platform-adventure system. Press the Arrow Keys to move or leap. If you want to pick up hay, use the Space Bar. Press Space Bar again to move it or dumb it down. For example, you could use this maneuver to lay it over the buttons that open doors for you and keep them there indefinitely.

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