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Vote For Gumball

Vote For Gumball

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Vote For Gumball


Could Gumball win your vote? We’re certain you would, especially if you were to play one of the newest Gumball Games available on our website right now, where you were brought in to assist him in becoming school president with the support of his brother and closest buddy, Darwin!

Organize the entire school Vote for Gumball!

How to play Vote for Gumball

Use the arrows to travel and leap. Press the to unlock doors, carry objects to climb higher, or smash barriers in your path. Press 🇿 to switch between Darwin and Gumball.

Run and leap around the school halls, make friends so they will vote for you, completely dodge adversaries to win, or switch to Darwin and snap pictures of them while frightening them with the light of the camera.

Power-ups like the suits should also be grabbed because they will help Gumball wow his classmates. Let’s get started right away and have fun like never before in this category since winning the school president will be a full experience without a single minute of boredom!

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