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Wacky Band

Wacky Band

by: New Looney Tunes

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New Looney Tunes: Wacky Band


With the Wacky Band game, compose a funny tune! The characters from your favorite Looney Tunes episodes all play different instruments, did you know that? Now that they are all playing together in one large, eccentric band, they can put their differences aside. The fact that you are in charge of this group of musicians is the finest part. Organize your animated pals to produce a masterpiece of music, are you up for the challenge?

You get to choose which characters perform throughout the game’s recording session. A musical instrument is played by each of your favorite characters. Drums are an example of one type, but others might be quite imaginative. Additionally, you have the flexibility to swap players or alter the speed of their song at any time. Who is going to do the grand solo? You are also responsible for it!

Play with the band members’ positions after you’ve chosen who will be in it. Which formula is your favorite? There are a ton of choices!

How to play Wacky Band

The big finale is now about to begin! The golden star in the middle of the stage is where you should position your greatest player. With a few mouse clicks, you may quickly play a stunning solo on the instrument.

Who knew that Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, and Lola Bunny were such accomplished musicians?

You’re prepared to begin producing, right? First, look at all the characters that are displayed at the bottom of the screen. There are fifteen possibilities available to you, each with greater appeal than the others. The Tasmanian Devil enjoys playing the drums, Granny has a set of green maracas, and Tweety plays the tuba, did you know?

Discover the best formula for your band by looking through all fifteen alternatives! Have you noticed that the stage has seven open seats? A lone slot is available on the golden star, so keep that in mind!

You’ll see that the stage has three rows of seats. Changing a character’s seating arrangement might alter the speed of their melody. They should be brought to the front, for instance, if you want them to play more quickly. However, if you like a slower, more subdued performance, you should relocate one instrumentist to the back row.

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