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Watch Your Step Steven

Watch Your Step Steven

by: Steven Universe

  • 2.8K
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Steven Universe: Watch Your Step Steven


The Watch Your Step, Steven game will help you become quicker and more intelligent. Your unique journey will lead you into a spooky cave that is home to dreadful centipedes and Crystal Gems. Are you prepared to embark on an exciting new journey with Steven, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, and the other Gems?
Everyone is aware that Steven isn’t the Crystal Gems team member with the most expertise. His opportunity to succeed now, nevertheless, has arrived! Will you be able to guide him through a dangerous cave? As he gathers priceless gemstones, he must be careful not to trip.
Your main objective in this game will be to gather riches! But not all gems are made equally. You must watch out for Crystal Gems and stay away from Homeworld Gems at all costs! The latter may be distinguished by its crimson outline. Your score will drop if you collect them, so take caution!
Beware of the red warning line! When it comes to this game, it is really useful. The entire row or column of tiles will become red prior to the appearance of a centipede. So, you’d better get moving and get out of the way! You’ll have to start the game over after only one touch from the malicious insects!
The game has a neat improvement that, thankfully, lets you progress and rack up additional points. When you see the Rose Quartz bubble, grab it right away! You’ll be shielded from a dreadful assault by the centipede with this. That’s both beneficial and remarkable, right?
Don’t give up if your first attempt’s score isn’t particularly outstanding. Your reflexes will improve with time, and Steven will amass a huge quantity of Crystal Gems! How many could you collect?

How to play Watch Your Step Steven

Do you think you can handle this? Steven needs your support as he embarks on an almost limitless journey in the Crystal Gem Cave. For as long as you can, the game continues. The more you dodge the centipedes, the more stars you’ll be able to gather!
Let’s start having fun! A grid measuring 5 by 6 pixels makes up the playing area. I love how simple it is to move Steven Universe around! You only need to swipe on your screen or click and hold in the direction you want to go. If you want to succeed, move quickly and accurately!

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