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Water Sons

Water Sons

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Water Sons


In this free game, Gumball and Darwin will have fun with the water during the sweltering summer days. Gumball and Darwin had had enough of the sunniest day in years while playing Water Sons. They were first at ease, but soon the heat and annoyance of the sun’s beams overwhelmed them. People can scarcely stand the intense heat that has already engulfed the town of Elmore. The Wattersons are required in this precarious scenario!

The Wattersons are required in this precarious scenario!

They packed boulders and water balls inside their trunks, yet they can’t prevail on their own. Combining your efforts will enable Gumball and Darwin to assist their buddies in cooling down. Prepare for a very muddy struggle against the sun by aiming correctly, thinking quickly, and doing so!

How to play Water Sons

There are people from Elmore all over the town. Aim with the mouse to calm them down. Next, Press the left mouse button to trigger Gumball’s water bomb.

Unsure of the strength of your shot? The arrow above the Wattersons denotes how quickly the ball was moving. The power rises as the line is stretched. Aim directly at the person you wish to revive. You may reach a new level more easily the quicker you update the residents.

Gumball and Darwin are very grateful for your assistance. Did you notice that Darwin consistently takes a seat behind Gumball? He is also there to assist you! Use his weapons by pressing the to flip between characters. Use pebbles to navigate barriers or activate mechanisms that will make them vanish.

Remember that Darwin can’t help you calm down, people. All he can do is clear the path! Change the characters once again and complete your task using the water bombs to continue splashing about.

What else you should know

Have you seen any items that you don’t know how to use? Avoid aiming at them since they can be dangerous! Some new challenges may stand in your way as the stages become more difficult as you proceed. Some of them have thorns, wasp nests, or flames. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

Are you at a loss for weapons? It might be challenging because there aren’t always many opportunities to hit on the first try. Press the key 🇷 to start the level again if you run out of rocks, explosives, or water. You might also only wish to finish with three stars.

Don’t forget to gather some tools that will enable you to shower the populace with water bombs. It was unable to shoot the ball directly in the game? To bounce the balls in the desired direction, simply hit the bubble or gum trampolines.

You could sometimes spot an odd blue or violet helix. A gateway is there! The ball will exit on the opposite side if you can fire it through the gate.

Enjoy this game, which keeps you interested from beginning to end!

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