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Whats The Catch

Whats The Catch

by: Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry: Whats The Catch


Even though they seem to quarrel all day long and disagree often, Tom and Jerry are excellent friends. They started a game of What’s the Catch in the middle of the house because they want to stir problems among themselves today.

There are several priceless items lying about, and Tom will bear the cost if anything is ruined. Jerry began tossing all the plates onto the floor since he understands this concept quite well. Tom’s chances of winning the game are slim if he does not catch them in time and misses three dishes.

How to play Whats The Catch

You can swap these characters between Tom and Jerry at any time while playing. It basically means that you either play as Tom and catch the objects that Jerry is tossing, or you can play as Jerry and flee for your life.

In any case, the game must be played with a mouse. To leap once, click the left mouse button; to jump twice, click the left mouse button once.

Collect cheese for points while playing as Jerry and stay clear of the barriers. Tom will grab you if there are three obstacles after one another. In order to achieve a good overall score, make sure you collect as many points as you can. Find out which of the two game modes you prefer by playing both. Whatever happens, we have no doubt that you will find it enjoyable. We wish you well and encourage you to keep making the best efforts you can.

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